The St. Catharines Right to Life Association Inc. is a registered non-profit, non-political charitable organization that promotes respect for human life from conception to natural death through education. We provide information on pre-natal life, abortionassisted suicide, euthanasia and related life issues. We support only peaceful means to uphold the right to life. 

St. Catharines Right to Life has been educating our community about life issues since 1981. Whether you are a community group looking for a speaker, a friend of someone considering abortion, someone suffering the after-effects of abortion or a student doing a project, we can provide the resources and information you need.

Office Hours

Noon to 5 PM weekday afternoons.
Please note: Our office will be closed Friday, February 22. We are running the “Dying Healed” course that afternoon at 1 Currie Street in St. Catharines.

Guiding Principles

 • The right to life is the fundamental human right, and all other rights depend on it.

• All human beings share this right before and after birth.

• Society has a duty to protect this right.

• We deplore violent attacks on human life. We work through education, service and prayer. 

Policy on the Use of Graphic Images

St. Catharines Right to Life is not involved in campaigns that involve public displays of aborted unborn children.  Read our policy here.